BuSK – Building Shared Knowledge capital to support natural resource governance in the Northern periphery

BuSK is a research project, which develops planning tools that enhance the use of participatory techniques, and gives assistance for decision makers concerning land use planning and natural resource governance.

The objectives of BuSK are: To develop the collection of local knowledge in land use planning – especially by using participatory GIS To develop and apply web-based participatory GIS method for sparsely populated areas To combine science-based knowledge with experience-based knowledge and help the decision makers to select relevant knowledge.


Dr. Seija Tuulentie
Natural Resources Institute Finland Luke
Tel: +358 50 391 4438

Third Arctic Award was nominated to BuSK project (Building shared knowledge capital to support natural resource governance in the northern periphery),...

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The final seminar of BuSK project was held in Rovaniemi in February 2019. Attendees had the privilege to hear not only about the results but also...

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Indigenous and local knowledge (ILK) refers to the knowledge which has been developed from the experience gained over centuries by people living in a...

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